Once upon a time there was an arab circus...

After a very long tour of Europe, full of successes and emotions, the Florilegio Circus decided to cross the Mediterranean Sea and start a new adventure throughout the Arab countries. The artistic director, Steve Togni, decided to astonish his new friends by bringing back to light the forgotten name of one of the oldest and most famous Arab circus and presented the “Ancien Spectacle du Cirque Amar” with a new look. Technicians and artists came from all over the world to help create this unparalleled show. Four of the best and sturdiest pine trees were carefully selected from Austrian forests in order to make the supporting pillars of the Circus on which they engraved the names of the four great predecessors of the history of ITALIAN CIRCUS TOGNI, from which the Florilegio is a direct descendant. They built new structures, never before made in the world of the circus, among which the octagonal dome and the glorious and gigantic entrance with bearing arch that in the following years, circuses all over the world, began to copy. A structure was built that could accommodate shows with fire, water (such as the beautiful colored fountains that form the backdrop to the Venetian dance) and ice.

The acts of the show

So a two hour intense and dramatic show under a bigtop of 1500 seats was created. A show for not just for families that blends enchanting, dangerous and magic artistic performances, amongst which we like to recall: the Venetian dance on water, Steve Togni's untamable lions and tigers, the cute parade of ponies and zebras, the giant arabian horse's cavalcade, the snake and crocodile charmer, Madame Medusa the mistress of all reptiles, Oscar the acrobatic sea lion, the Pirates of the Caribbean’s balancing duel on the high wire, Penelope’s silk, the Twin Sisters, the highly dangerous orb of motorcycles, the upside down clown hanging from the big top and the fantastic Magic 5's trapeze flight. In short, the perfect union between the Arabian and Italian circus tradition. Pleasantly stunned the spectator finds himself in a moment of laughter, thrills, chills and luxury that he carries with him even to the end of the show. This is why the Circus Florilegio does not offer only a commercial show but above all genuine emotions!

The countries that have hosted us

And today, after more than six years of success the "Ancien spectacle du Cirque Amar" has conquered the hearts of many people from different countries amongst which are: Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Thanks to the support both economic and ministerial of some of these countries the Circus Florilegio has offered and can offer a price tailored to the local purchasing power resulting in special rates for schools, charitable associations and social organizations for the underprivileged. And it was the generosity of these countries that has allowed many individuals, families, underprivileged children, disabled and sick to take part , free of charge, in the magic and fun of our circus.

The stars

max togni

Max Togni
and managing direction

steve togni

Steve Togni
and artistic direction

isabelle gillier

Isabelle Gillier
Deputy Director

christiane bottinelli

Christiane Bottinelli
Costume designer

laura d'angelo

Laura D'Angelo

yatao xu

Yatao Xu
Head lights

sham bella

Sham Bhalla
Construction foreman

amandeep singh

Amandeep Singh
Mixer audio


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